The Classic Haircut

Experience the timeless art of barbering with our Gentleman's Classic Haircut. Our skilled barbers will consult with you to create a custom-tailored cut that suits your style, whether you prefer a traditional, clean look or a modern, trendy vibe. You'll leave the chair looking and feeling your best.

Hot Towel Shave

Indulge in pure relaxation with our Deluxe Hot Towel Shave. Our master barbers will treat you to a premium shaving experience, featuring hot towels, rich lather, and a straight razor shave that leaves your skin silky smooth. Enjoy a moment of serenity and emerge looking effortlessly refined.

Beard Grooming

Elevate your beard game with our Beard Grooming and Sculpting service. Whether you're growing a full beard or prefer a stylish stubble, our skilled barbers will expertly shape, trim, and groom your facial hair to perfection. Walk out with a beard that's precisely sculpted to match your personality and style.

The Royal Package

Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience with our Royal Treatment Package. This deluxe service includes a Classic Haircut, Deluxe Hot Towel Shave, and a rejuvenating facial massage. It's the perfect way to unwind, relax, and emerge as a true gentleman, groomed to perfection from head to toe.